Shlimp and Ulrich

Shlimp and Ulrich is a Swedish jewellery designer brand based in Gothenburg. It all began in 2014, in the basement of a grandmother's house in a small village outside of Gothenburg. Shlimp and Ulrich started to make big statement necklaces and got inspiration from all over the world.

The story behind the name Shlimp and Ulrich is a love story, a story of that one first true love. The girl was nicknamed "Little Shrimp", which over time became "Little Shlimp". The boy was named Ulrich, an unusal name in Sweden, and together they were the perfect combination with an awkward, funny twist. The story was that of "Shlimp and Ulrich".

Today, Shlimp and Ulrich is managed by two women named Caroline and Caroline. Caroline A is the main founder and designer and Caroline R is the backofficer of the company.

It has been an amazing journey to go from grandmother's basement to selling our jewellerys in USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all over Europe. Now, we are excited to continue our journey towards becoming an international designer brand by bringing our big statement jewellerys to the rest of the world.

For questions regarding collection, design or wholesale please contact us at

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